Favourite things…(grandparent & child)

A wonderfully thoughtful personalised gift for a grandparents birthday - this design captures the special bond between grandparent and grandchild. Using striking typography we can create a piece of art from a list of their favourite things.

Look through the examples to get ideas, funny, serious, light hearted or meaningful - anything goes!

It helps with the design if you provide a list of between 12-18 things but we can work with almost anything - flexibility is what we do! Try to include sentences as well as single words as this will give a varied and interesting look to the finished piece. Don't worry about the order you place it in as this will be arranged during the design process to give a good finished look.

If the gift is to mark a special occasion one line could be 'blowing out the candles on granny's 70th birthday cake', or similar. A nice ending could be ' being together and loving each other for ever and ever'.

Ideas of things to include:

  • songs they sing together
  • food and drink they have at granny's house
  • bedtime stories
  • activities
  • places they go together
  • special treats
  • games

Remember to give us an indication of colour choice - brights/neutrals/blues/black & grey/other


Personalise Your Design

Please enter your personalised content as well as colour choices if appropriate.

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